Charges brought against individuals accused of harboring al-Shabab terrorists in Ethiopia

Article from Fana News

Addis Ababa: July 13, 2015 (FBC) – Five individuals have been charged by the Federal Prosecutor who accused them of harboring al-Shabab terrorists by facilitating residential accommodations where they would make explosive devises.

The five individuals have been charged with Article 4 of the Anti-Terrorism Law with incitement and conspiracy at the 19th Criminal Bench of the Federal High Court.

The suspects, Bedri Yesuf, Anes Usman, Ahmed Nurisa, Mohammed Ahmed and Ismail Adem, are aged between 18-32 years old and are residents of Shashemene, Bale and Guji zones. The suspects allegedly have been engaged in such criminal acts since 2007.

The suspects are also accused of being a member of an outlawed international terrorist organization, al-Shabab, and conspiring to target various non-governmental organizations by hosting bomb experts from Somalia. Furthermore, they are accused of harboring and facilitating residential accommodation for Shabab members.

Bedri Yesuf had close contact with Shabab leader in Mogadishu Beshir Ture, according to the charges. Bedri went to Somalia in 2007 where he received ideological and military training from al-Shabab. While in Somalia, he took part in an armed attack on African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) in the same year.

Bedri also took part in recruiting and organizing other members who later on went to form a terrorist cell in Shashemene under the disguise of a religious group.

In November 2014, Bedri received direct orders from al-Shabab to host a certain Abdul Azina who will be travelling to Shashemene via Ginier carrying explosive devices. The orders included to find shelter for Azina, prepare materials to be used by Azina in making explosives, and carry out extensive studies on potential targets such as banks, police stations and military camps in Bale Robe and Asella towns. The suspect held several phone conversations with al-Shabab leaders and received money from various banks in Mogadishu.

The other four suspects are also accused of recruiting and transporting potential terrorists to join Shabab.

The Court has denied bail to the suspects and a public attorney will be assigned for the defendants. The Court adjourned for July 29, 2015.

By Tilahun Kassa

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