Dr. Tedros Adhanom addresses Conference on Global Fund Tokyo

Article from Ethiopia MFA

Ethiopia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Tedros Adhanom addresses a Conference on Global Fund, which kicked off in Tokyo, Japan on Thursday (December 17, 2015) under the theme: “AIDS TB MALARIA END IT. FOR GOOD”.

Touching upon the key reasons behind Ethiopia’s success at ensuring maternal health and reducing child mortality rates, Dr. Tedros said, “the success in Ethiopia comes as a result of embracing a strong political leadership” which in practical terms has great dividends.

Dr.Tedros noted that a strong political will creates the sense of ownership; ownership brings about commitment, and commitment brings forth intended results. On top of embracing a strong political will, the Minister added that having clear goals, priorities and putting communities at the forefront and mobilizing partners remain to be instrumental.

Reflecting on his expertise as the Ex-Chair of the Global Fund, Dr. Tedros, further noted that his country has spent the best of the Global Fund on building a strong health system, such as training tens of thousands of Health Extension Workers. In the face of current global challenges, like migration, conflict, climate change concerns and threats of terrorism, Dr. Tedros cautioned that “our responses to such disasters should not come at the expense of the necessity of building a strong health system.”

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