Ethiopia: City Youth Condemn Recent Violence

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The youth has various leagues, forums and associations to maximize their benefit

Over 2,000 representatives of youth entrepreneurs, university students and associations of people living with disability yesterday condemned the recent violence in some parts of Amhara and Oromia states.

The youth carried Placards which read as " We strongly condemn the recent anti-peace activities under the cover of identity and good governance issues!, We shall not be a means to the hidden agendas of destructive forces! and We are duty bound to safeguard the Constitution."

The youth drawn from all sub-cities underlined that the country is in the course of change and anti-peace forces couldn't snatch the benefits they are getting from the incumbent.

As to Youth Samuel Engdaw, the demand by anti-peace elements was why nations and nationalities as well as religions treated equally. " Such sentiment could not be in any case democratic and people's interest."

Selam Belay from Lideta Sub-city also said that the youth is witnessing promising move from the government. There are lots of opportunities in our country and in the capital Addis Ababa that benefit the youth. " Thus, it is better for the youth to be on the side of the incumbent if these opportunities and peace need to be sustainable," Selam said.

She added that though there are limitations in service delivery in different offices, there are opportunities to appeal the case to higher echelon. The government should also work to address problems at woreda level, she said.

Another youth Mariamawit Asfaw on her part said the youth are browsing different social media, but they should not compromise when it comes to our diversity and peaceful coexistence. Peace and stability is something precious than our interest, she noted.

Responding to issues raised by the youth City Mayor Public Participation Advisor with the Rank of Deputy Mayor Tewelde Gebretsadkan reaffirmed the government's commitment to maximize the benefit and participation of youth in all engagements.

Tewelde said that youth representation in cabinets reached 30 per cent at all level. The youth has various leagues, forums and associations to maximize their benefit. " The nation is rising. It has secured fast track record to development. The people after all start to taste the fruits of development which are the results of viable policies and strategies," he noted.

Tewelde added that the city government has been creating over 200,000 jobs every year and set to reduce unemployment rate and address problems of good governance which were fanned by anti- peace elements.

He said the government is set create more jobs in the programs of city beautification, housing development and MSEs,among others, this budget year.

Tewolde said that the government is confident that the destructive agenda would be halted by the peace-loving people and active participation of the youth.

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