Ethiopia won’t accept 3rd party arbitration on GERD

Ethiopia won't accept 3rd party arbitration on GERD: PM Hailemariam
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Ethiopia won't accept 3rd party arbitration on GERD: PM Hailemariam

Addis Ababa, January 20, 2018 (FBC) - Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegene said Ethiopia will not accept any arbitration by a third party on GERD as there is an opportunity for the three countries to resolve possible disputes by themselves.

Hailemariam, who just finalized his official visit to Egypt yesterday, rejected the involvement of a third party in the tripartite negotiations being held among Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.

Speaking to ENA upon the completion of the trip, Hailemariam asserted that Ethiopia will not accept Egypt's request to include the World Bank in the tripartite technical committee’s talks on GERD.

Hailemariam said "Seeking professional support is one thing; transferring it to an institution is another thing. So we told them that this is not acceptable with our side".

Egypt has proposed the idea saying that the World Bank has the ability to use highly qualified technical experts.

The Premier said it is not necessary to include third party to the negotiations because "It is possible to reach agreement, if negotiations underway through cooperation and with the spirit of trust".

Hailemariam, who noted the existence of information gap regarding the GERD project at the Egyptian side, emphasized the need to continue on displaying the reality that Ethiopia’s development endeavours and the dam will not affect their livelihood.

“Egyptians are not receiving genuine information about the source of Nile waters and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam" he said.

In this regard, a successful work has done during the visit in explaining to the Egyptian people and the world, the Premier noted.

In addition to clarifying the issues related to GERD, Hailemariam said the trip was a success which enabled to enhance consensus among the leaders and further scale up the relationship between the two countries.

The two leaders agreed on handling the issues of GERD and the relationship between the two countries with greater care as there are various problems pertaining to how a number of media outlets are reporting on the issues.

Noting that better understanding has been made among the top leadership on the issue, he said, direction was set to continue holding in-depth discussions until the same spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding will attained at the lower level.

Source: ENA

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