Hawassa Industrial Park Fully Operational

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Hawassa Industrial Park Fully Operational
Hawassa June 20/2017The Hawassa Industrial Park, which is set to generate one billion USD per year has become fully operational.

The park in which its construction took only nine months has attracted global leading companies.

Speaking at the occasion to mark the operationalization of the park, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said the park represents a blueprint in designing and developing an integrated eco-friendly industrial park across the country.

“Today’s event paves the way to another exciting chapter in Ethiopia’s industrialization efforts”, he said.

The main component of Ethiopia’s drive for growth and transformation is the development of a vibrant manufacturing and industrial base. “Our vision is to become the leading manufacturing hub in Africa by 2025; our goal is to create millions of new jobs in labor intensive and export oriented light manufacturing”, he said.

Hailemariam said that the full operationalization of the Hawassa industrial park is the most evident and concrete example towards achieving the national vision.

“The Hawassa Industrial Park has given us lessons and experience as a framework in working procedures, strategies, speed of delivery and most importantly viability”, he said.

He noted that park is a model of sustainability and productivity for all subsequent industrial parks towards creating a conducive environment for the creation of jobs for the youth.

Although the operationalization of the park marks a milestone in the quest to industrialization, Hailemariam underlined that “we should note that our journey has just begun”.

“Hawassa will now and forever be a symbol of our national enterprise, our bold move to industrialize our economy” Hailamariam said.

The Hawassa Industrial Park is also unique in the continent in that it is fitted with Zero Liquid Discharge solution to minimize the negative impacts of industrialization on the environment.

Alongside the operationalization of the park, the government on Tuesday also signed memorandum of understanding to use similar solution in the industrial parks being developed across the country.

The government of Ethiopia signed the MoU with Arvind Envisol, a water management company to fit all industrial parks with ZLD solutions.

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