Ministry lauds Germany’s assistance to education sector

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Ministry lauds Germany’s assistance to education sector

Addis Ababa, September 17, 2016 (FBC) -The Ministry of Education (MoE) has said Germany’s enduring financial and technical assistance to the Ethiopian education sector has rendered immense contributions, leading to the overall improvement of the sector.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, General Manger for Expansion of Universities, Dr Samuel Kifle said: “as a key partner in our education sector, GIZ has been providing on leveraging sustained educational training in the fields of higher education and TVET.”

“They have been so supportive in various reforms that we have taken including reforms on developing a curriculum for engineering education capacity building program among others”, Dr Samuel said.

Currently, GIZ is providing technical assistance in the major areas including leadership and governance of education as well as establishing subsector strategic development.

GIZ assistance also covers other areas including ensuring quality through effective management-information system and technology transfer and entrepreneurship development at the level of higher education.

The current curriculum program that Ethiopia adopted for engineering based on German style would enable the nation to emulate its procedures in TVET practices by benchmarking German Dual training system.

The General Manger pointed out that quality assurance has become the nation’s top priority along with the physical expansion of higher education across country.

In this regard, Germany has been contributing a lot towards the strategic development through Sustainable Training and Education Program (STEP) in the subsector for the coming 20 years.

“The support provided by German professionals in the sector focuses on systems improvement. This will help us improve at all sectors and departments in colleges and universities,” he said.

“This is very important component by way of ensuring quality through donor partnership and support. This will ultimately enable the government of Ethiopia to ensure quality particularly in the areas of leadership in the universities.”

According to the official, the ministry shall always remain grateful to the support from GIZ.

Speaking on the financial support, the General Manager said that the Ministry is working closely with GIZ under the three years extended financial agreement from 2015 to 2017 with German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Director of GIZ Sustainable Training and Education (STEP) in Ethiopia Dr. Christiane Gaehtgens said GIZ has been involved in Ethiopian education sector as a major program to discharge the educational infrastructure and sustainable education management.

The Director said: “We have a very strong commitment to support building the higher education and TVET sector in this country. We have been involved here for many years as GIZ since 1964 in the education sector.”

“Since 2005 we started expanding involvement on the major educational development programs in the country,” she added.

The current GIZ assistance to Ethiopia has prioritized ensuring quality and relevance as focal areas both at the level of TVET and higher education.

“Our commitment in this funding period is very strongly focused on quality assurance and educational management. These areas have been areas of growth in which big challenges have been tackled,” she said.

As education is the priority area of the GIZ support in Ethiopia, BMZ allocated 17 million Euros for the current funding phase which goes to both TVET and higher education.

Dr. Gaehtgens also commended Ethiopia’s efforts to transform the educational sector and its viable policy.

Source: ENA

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