Mekele University (MU) Engages with Seeds, Pulses Producers Association

Mekele University Seeds, Pulses Producers Association
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As part of the efforts to engage with farmers and assist them more in the region, Mekelle University team was invited to participate in a meeting held in Humera. The objective of the meeting was to organize an association where all the producers would act consistently and as a cohesive group.

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Prof. Mituku, Mr. Macit and Dr. Tewelde were invited to attend and observe the election of the president and the board members. There were also some dignitaries who joined from the nation’s capital Addis Ababa, the president of Western Tigray zone was also present. Prof. Mituku, emphasized the potential of the Western and Southern Zones of Tigray for commercial production of oil, fiber, and fruit crops, spices, livestock and natural resource products. He reiterated the emphasis that the need for quality production and increased productivity by using proven and scientifically evidenced technologies and inputs. Noting these he also dwelt on the need to form the Association that can spearhead the awareness of the members and encourage them to use all inputs as prescribed by the extension system. Support and assistance by researchers in the universities and researchers from the region were called to gather momentum to support the efforts of the Association members.

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On the occasion, Mr. Macit Koc, the University Industry Linkage Advisor has thanked the farmers for the invitation, and explained that his office is ready to work with the Association in an attempt for increasing their export and production capacity.

As a result, the elections were held and Mr. Amanuel Tesfaya Alemayehu was named as the President of the Tigray Commercial Oil seeds and Pulses Producers Sectoral Association. During the discussions the producers thanked the participants and affirmed their commitment to Mekelle University and expressed their interest in getting involved in various fields.

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