Prime Minister Hailemariam warns Eritrea against continued destabilization activities

Article from MoFA

Prime Minister Hailemariam delivered a warning to Eritrea that Ethiopia would take action unless Eritrea changed policies designed to destabilize the Horn of Africa and Ethiopia and stops such activities.

Addressing the House of Representatives on Tuesday (July 7), Prime Minister Hailemariam said that although Ethiopia remained ready for peace negotiations to restore ties and normalize relations with Eritrea, “Asmara has shown no sign of interest in regional peaceful coexistence”. Ethiopia has repeatedly offered a dialogue to normalize relations, with Prime Minister Hailemariam saying he would go any where, any time, even to Asmara, to talk.
Eritrea has repeatedly refused to show any interest in talks.
In answer to MP’s questions, the Prime Minister said unless Eritrea changed its policy of destabilizing the East African region “Ethiopia will then be forced to take an appropriate action to quell its destabilizing efforts”.
Ethiopia has said in the past that it will make proportional responses to Eritrea’s aggressive activities and this is what it has done.
The Prime Minister said the regime in Asmara was continuing to make efforts to destabilize Ethiopia in order to try to divert attention from internal instability and to further maintain its grip on power. According to the UNHCR, some 5,000 Eritreans flee to neighboring countries to escape political repression including indefinite national conscription. Ethiopia currently hosts some 100,000 Eritrean refugees.
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