Rafting the magnificent Omo River

Ethiopian Omo River Expedition
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Rafting at the magnificent Omo River

Addis Ababa, November 28, 2016 (FBC) -Although adventure can be too personalized and depends on people’s desire, nothing compares to the ability of nature which delivers the ultimate escapade either in socking to swim in a massive river or do rafting in overflowing rivers. Omo River is to help travelers plan the perfect rafting and wildlife adventure where a close encounter with incredible creatures is almost guaranteed.

Ethiopia offers one of the world's best rafting trips in the magnificent scenery Omo River. The massive overflowing river and abundant wild and bird life sanctuary is truly worth the excitement time of any traveler. In the Omo river where rapids and water pressure exists prior rafting experience is not required to easily glide on the clear river and even to take pictures of the surrounding while floating.

The spectacular location of Omo River is full of exciting scenery. Its breathtaking 4,000 feet high gorges to the hot springs and 1,000 feet high waterfalls; this place truly meets all your adventurous demands. As you float on the sparking rivers on boats it’s easy to spot hippos, crocodiles, bushbuck sunbathing on the surface of the rivers while the monkeys and baboons jumping from one tree to another will keep your eyes busy.

A trip to Omo River and its great surroundings involve is nothing like you can get in any other place. It’s a trip which takes you deep into the Omo people’s way of life who stayed true to their culture and tradition. It’s a unique place a paradise of wildlife’s.

With so many things to see and do, having a difficult time to experience all the adventure is inevitable. It’s possible to hike up next to the side streams to see the refreshing waterfalls and the stunning landscape fishing up to 50 pounds of catfish.

If you want to experience the hot spring waters without worrying about the water getting cold then you have come to the right place which can give you unlimited access and healing experience. The Omo River which lies within a 1500 meter deep canyon never disappoints you offering a memorable and safe rafting experience and more.

If you enjoy a true wildlife and rafting experience, then this is a trip for you. Countless birds and wildlife are everywhere in the green forests and landscapes. At the massive canyons the massive waterfalls gash down being a breathtaking scenery of the wilderness.

The fascination with charming Omo River will grow as you go deep into the region exploring it’s full of life parks and exclusive life style far apart than the one we know in the rest of the world.

It’s a must to stop by at the stunning national parks a protected area and wildlife sanctuary near Omo River. The jungle is the closest town to Omo Valley, one of the most stunning national parks in Ethiopia. Here, you are not only going to enjoy exotic wildlife but also great atmosphere of green forestry. The valley also offers the best river adventures, rapids, canyons and creeks. There is also the historical museum & research center which creates an access to ancient treasures and scripts from the small town. (END)

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