TVET turning youths artisans

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Mohammad Gizaw after sharing experiences regarding Some of the Shager Furniture products.

entrepreneurship at Entrepreneur Development Centre

to the youths in Addis

Recently this reporter had got the opportunity to watch the 6th Addis Ababa Technical & Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Agency's exhibition that was staged at the Addis Ababa Exhibition Centre. Graduates of different training institutions and Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) had showcased the items and goods they produce.

In the same week this reporter had also got the chance to participate in a panel discussion held on the strategy as well challenges on the accomplishments of TEVT .

This reporter met Tewodors Yimer the founder and owner of the TEKSO Engineering with a bread baking machine .

“This machines used to be imported but we have managed to modify it here. It is accessible with affordable price. It is made up of stainless steel that has good advantages for health. It has also strength.

According to Tewodors, the machine has the capacity of producing 72 per rack breads in 8 minutes with negligible electric power consumption. “ I am a Mechanical Engineer, with other five friends who decided to establish our MSEs with the name TEKSO Engineering in Yeka Sub City Wereda 09.”

He said the office in charge of supporting and training had assisted us specially in facilitating for us working shades.

We are delighted by what we are doing because we are adding value in the market and creating job for fellow citizens.

“Some youths want to amass wealth with in a short time without adding value. If someone respects job he/she could change life and help him/herself because there are plenty job opportunities. ” TEKSO engineering had also taken part in the training that brought together participants that came from respective training institutions like Higher 12 TVET and others. We believe trainees would get exposure before graduation and collect certificates. “ Its marketability is high. Local bread houses are satisfied by the efficiency of the products of the TESKO Mechanical Engineering Work. TESKO's capital has now reached half a million.”

The TEKSO Mechanical Engineering Work is involved in producing Service Trolley, Cake display, Dough Mixer, Bread Oven and Diary processing machines among others.

This reporter had also approached Shager Furniture and Almuinium Metal Works who came from Ras Emeru Industry Centre, Arada Sub City Woreda040/05. One of the members Mohammad Gizaw said the following “We are producing export-standard beds, household materials, cake displaying materials as well as furnitures for that could be used in furnishing condominiums. The MSEs has more than 12 workers and making preparations to penetrate local and Sudan's Market with its quality furniture.”

Arada MSEs office is facilitating for us Kaizen training and entrepreneurship. They as well are shaping our attitudes towards change. They motivate us to boost our production in terms of quality as well quantity. The government has given the MSEs a land for shade that could be estimated to cost more than 10 million Birr. It is offered to do with low cost to assist us. The other point “ we have got to visit abroad with advanced skill in furniture production,” he added.

According to Mohammad, Shager Furniture has about a million birr capital and had invested on the land aiming at exporting items. It is ready to purchase machines that could hasten the process of production.

The Shager Furniture MSEs serves a model in jointly working with respective training institutions and community.

Both of the interviewees said youths should look options here before sweat talked by peers among the community into migration. “W have heard some fellow citizens invest more than three hundred thousands for illegal migration. It sounds ridicules.”

Deputy Mayor Economic Coordinator and Trade Bureau Head Aristu Yirda on his part said that “In GTP I, TVET had been the special focus area of the city administration with regard to copy technology and developing as well building developmental army in the mid level.”

According to Aristu, the nation is striding to realize an industry-led economy, in these hurdles of economy globally market could not be possible without a trained human power.

The city administration is gearing up efforts to address the challenges. Respective youths, families and industries are expected to pay due attention to TVETs to spur the on going development.

TVET has created tremendous job opportunities for youths in manufacturing and agro processioning and textile as well construction. “ The city is now demanding a huge number of human power at mid level. In this regard training institutions and industries should work hand and gloves to bridge gaps,” he added.

In the same vein, citizens should exploit all possible options before opting to illegal migration to face humiliation and stigmatization. Job preference should be up rooted among youth. In this regard, families and stakeholders should make efforts in averting these perceptions.

Agency Director Zeru Sumur said that the agency has the vision “ Fostering market- oriented TVET programme that make the country competent in the world market by the year 2020 will be made a point.”

The goal of the Agency is giving training in a participatory way of both the public and industries. It as well has set as a goal expanding institutions that could be used to facilitate the transformation of technological values for both the community and micro finance organizations.

The 6th round exhibition was held under the theme: 'TVET for Nation's Renaissance.' Six public colleges, 22 public& 41 private TVETs and 72 Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) had taken part in the exhibition. Thousands of residents are expected to visit the exhibition.

The Agency also told journalists that 11 workshops totaling 409 million Birr are built in various industry zones in the capital In the GTP II the Agency aims at building seven new workshops. This reporters holds the belief that, excellent accomplishment each stakeholder has to do its level best to well shape the mind set of the youth and build human power. Such an exhibition creates a venue to exchange experiences.


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